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An International qualification on your CV

A part time course is the quickest way to boost up your resume. You might be an industry worker wanting to beef up your profile or someone seeking to change your career. If circumstances do not allow you to enroll in a full time programme, then you have the option of enrolling on a part time course at Swiss Lanka Hotel School. All part time courses are held during the weekend and are dedicated to a certain area of Hospitality.

Students enrolled in part time courses are a typical mix of industry workers, enthusiasts or full time workers in other professions who want to venture to the hospitality trade. All courses are academic programmes that follow strict structure and curriculum. At the conclusion of the course, student have the option of sitting for the City & Guilds certification in the respective field.

course options

Food and Beverage Services

From Bartenders to Baristas and Sommeliers to Stewardess. The world of F & B ( Food & Beverage Services) is an exciting versatile one filled with technicalities and talent. It is one where practical hands on skills can go a long way and a sound theoretical knowledge can have a career changing effect. Our part time F&B course is jammed pack with practical demos, hands on training exercises and assessments. We follow and adhere to the City & Guilds certificate level syllabus. We train our students to be eligible to sit for the European qualification.

Diploma In Culinary Arts

City & Guilds Diploma in Food Preparation is an intense 6 months course that is best undertaken by students who already have some knowledge of the subject. The course covers a wide range of academic areas of Culinary Arts and also includes an extensive list of practical assessments. Please read the full syllabus to see the areas covered during the course. This is one of the highest (purely cookery) focused certifications in Sri Lanka. The qualification opens up a multitude of future study options overseas.

Certificate in International Cookery

This is Swiss Lanka's introductory course to the world of cookery. Students will learn the principles of food preparation methods while practicing them on a mix of traditional and modern dishes. The course follows the C & G certificate level and at the end of the course, enable students to sit for the European certifications. The course spans over different sectors of culinary arts and Swiss Lanka follows a hands on approach. Please check out the Syllabus, or call us to know more about the cuisines a student would master during this course.

Basics in Pastry & Bakery

Swiss Lanka's popular course introduces the students into the world of baking, covering a range of breads, cakes, sauces and desserts. The teaching foundation is built on the sound foundations of knowledge needed to grasp the core theories of the baking world. Student assessments cover the areas of Pastry making, Doughs, Cold and Hot Desserts and Baking. This course has industry focused training and successful completion of this course grants the student with the Swiss Lanka Certification in Pastry & Bakery.

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Days Duration Fee
Call 2 689 555 For the Best Price And Latest Dates
F & B Services Sat or Sunday 3.5 Months Rs. 25500
Pastry & Bakery Sat or Sundays 4 Months Rs. 35500
International Cookery Sat or Sunday 4 Months Rs. 35500
Diploma in Culinary Arts Sat and Sunday 6 months Rs. 90000

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